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What is Live-in Care

Live in care

A real alternative to life in a care home

Home Care Preferred is seeing time and time again the benefits of live in care for both our clients and their families.  We are an established, award winning full-time care at home service which allows you, or your loved one, to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with an excellent level of one to one support.

Our support assistants are special people who embrace personal care, housekeeping and all importantly companionship . Our service is a realistic alternative to life in a residential care home and a choice that enables you to retain control and independence in your life.

Live in care for the elderly

Live in care is exactly what is says

A support assistant will live in the home of the person that needs them and pretty much do all they reasonably can to maintain a good lifestyle for the client.

There are so many benefits of our live in care service and this is just a few of the advantages:

  • You can remain safely in the home that you love
  • Those that care about you have total peace of mind
  • If you are a couple you can stay together
  • A loved pet stays with you
  • Your life is not disrupted, you live life your way
  • Clients are able to maintain friendships and connections with the local community
  • No need to dispose of treasured possessions
  • Friends and family can visit as they always have
  • Your support assistant will do the household chores you can no longer complete but you can continue with things you are able to
  • Personal care is provided as required
  • People who have dementia fair much better in familiar home surroundings
  • Life typically improves, we so often see our clients and their support assistant having fun