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Stay at Home

We have come across very few situations where people cannot live in their own homes. The experience of our management team, who have worked in residential care settings as well as domiciliary care, is that the majority of people have a better quality of life in their own homes, providing of course the right level of support is in place.

There are many benefits to choosing a live-in care service over a care home. The main advantage is that the person receiving care can stay in an environment they’re most familiar with. They can be around the people and things they know and love best.

Live in care for elderly

The difference staying at home over a residential care home

Our home is typically a place that constantly reminds us of the happiest times in our life. It is the place that holds special memories and belongings with sentimental value. Home is a place that is easy for family and friends to come and visit.

Live-in care from Home Care Preferred Residential Care Home
Remain in the comfort of your own home with tailor made care plan v Move to a new unfamiliar environment
Costs from £1100 per week v Costs up to £1700 per week
One to one attention from support assistant v Many carers per client
Continuity in daily life v Complete change of lifestyle
Various funding options v Various funding options
Complete choice of food & mealtimes v Limited variety with food and set meal times
Pets can remain at home v Often care homes do not allow pets
Cost effective for couples v Pay for two places