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Live-in Care for Couples

Case Study

Continuing your life together in your own home

We see so many people who have lived an incredible number of years together and the prospect of one of the partners being admitted to a care home whilst the other stays at home is a daunting one.  This can have a devastating effect on both partners and the wider family.

Live in care for couples removes the need for people to be separated, enabling them to remain together in their home and to continue to enjoy their daily lives whilst receiving the level of support they need.

Our live in support assistants are discreet and unobtrusive, however they are on hand when needed whether to provide care support or all the duties associated with running a home and of course companionship.  This provides peace of mind both for the couple and their family.

We hear time and time again from families the sense of relief knowing that loved ones are in the safe hands of a responsible and kind person. Live in care for couples enables a good level of independence, choice and the ability to continue sharing a quality life together.

Live in care for the elderly

Permanent or temporary support

Live-in care for older couples doesn’t have to be a long-term option. It can be used in periods of convalescence, or at least until one member of the couple feels comfortable enough to provide care for their loved one without a support assistant being in place.  At Home Care Preferred flexibility is one of our signatures.