Live-In Care

Live-in care is an excellent alternative to residential or nursing homes, and offers a range of benefits to both our client and family/friends. A Support Assistant can live with you in your home, offering round-the-clock support and more flexibility.

Benefits of Live-In Care

You can stay in your own home, set your own schedule, keep your garden and pets, live with your partner without making them solely responsible your care and wellbeing, and you can receive visitors at any time (not just during scheduled visiting hours). Maintaining independence and stability is important for so many of our clients, which is why we feel strongly that live-in care should be affordable and accessible for more people throughout the UK.

Live-in care is often cheaper than staying in a quality care home – weekly costs for care homes can exceed £1,000. Savings are even bigger if you are part of a couple that needs at-home care, so you can share one Support Assistant rather than paying two sets of care home fees.

One to one help means that you have a bespoke service from somebody specially selected to meet your needs and get along with you. This type of care also means that you’re less likely to fall, less likely to have a hip fracture, and more likely to enjoy little things like home-cooked meals and your established routines.

Arranging Your Care

Live-in care can be arranged on a permanent basis or for respite and convalescence after surgery or while your main Support Assistant is away. We carefully match personalities to ensure that you can relate and get along with your Support Assistant – our approach means that 97% of clients are happy with their live-in care services.

We appreciate it is not always practical for everyone to have a live-in support assistant and therefore we are happy to arrange an alternative solution that can still provide round-the clock support.

Home Care Preferred offers the care and support needed to allow people to live fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings.

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Whether it is for you or a loved one, Home Care Preferred provides a comforting live-In support service. From a few weeks to permanent support this is a real alternative to life in a residential care home.

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