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Live-In Care London

Live-in care is an excellent alternative to residential or nursing homes and offers a range of benefits to both our client and family/friends. A Support Assistant can live with you in your home, offering round-the-clock support and more flexibility. Professional live-in care London in the comfort of your own home.

Live-In Care London

Benefits of Live-In Care

You can stay in your own home, set your own schedule, keep your garden and pets, live with your partner without making them solely responsible your care and wellbeing, and you can receive visitors at any time (not just during scheduled visiting hours). Maintaining independence and stability is important for so many of our clients, which is why we feel strongly that live-in care should be affordable and accessible to more people throughout the UK.

Live-in care is often cheaper than staying in quality care home – weekly costs for care homes can exceed £1,000. Savings are even bigger if you are part of a couple that needs at-home care, so you can share one Support Assistant rather than paying two sets of care home fees.

One to one help means that you have a bespoke live-in care service from somebody specially selected to meet your needs and get along with you. This type of care also means that you’re less likely to fall, less likely to have a hip fracture, and more likely to enjoy little things like home-cooked meals and your established routines.

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Arranging Your Live-In Care

Live-in care can be arranged on a permanent basis or for respite and convalescence after surgery or while your main Support Assistant is away. We carefully match personalities to ensure that you can relate and get along with your Support Assistant – our approach means that 97% of clients are happy with their live-in care services.

We appreciate it is not always practical for everyone to have a live-in support assistant and therefore we are happy to arrange an alternative solution that can still provide round-the-clock support.

A real alternative to life in a care home

A real alternative to life in a care home

Home Care Preferred is seeing time and time again the benefits of live in care for both our clients and their families.  We are an established, award winning full-time care at home service which allows you, or your loved one, to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surroundings with an excellent level of one to one support.

Our support assistants are special people who embrace personal care, housekeeping and all importantly companionship . Our service is a realistic alternative to life in a residential care home and a choice that enables you to retain control and independence in your life.

Live in care is exactly what is says

Live in care is exactly what is says

A support assistant will live in the home of the person that needs them and pretty much do all they reasonably can to maintain a good lifestyle for the client.

There are so many benefits of our live in care service and this is just a few of the advantages:

  • You can remain safely in the home that you love
  • Those that care about you have total peace of mind
  • If you are a couple you can stay together
  • A loved pet stays with you
  • Your life is not disrupted, you live life your way
  • Clients are able to maintain friendships and connections with the local community
  • No need to dispose of treasured possessions
  • Friends and family can visit as they always have
  • Your support assistant will do the household chores you can no longer complete but you can continue with things you are able to
  • Personal care is provided as required
  • People who have dementia fair much better in familiar home surroundings
  • Life typically improves, we so often see our clients and their support assistant having fun
Peace of mind knowing someone is always there

Peace of mind knowing someone is always there

The Process

We try very hard to ensure that receiving support at home is as stress free as possible. We realise having someone new living in your home can cause some apprehension however we go to great lengths to provide  lots of reassurance.

The first part of the process is for us to meet with you.  At this meeting we tell you more about our services and answer any questions.  In many cases it is the families we meet first followed by a second meeting with the client.  We are very flexible.

Once you decide you want to proceed with services we arrange an assessment. This gives us an opportunity to really understand the support that is required and from this we develop your support plan.

At this stage it is typical for the client and their families to have a good idea of a desired starting date.

Based on all the information we have gathered we match a suitable support assistant and arrange an introductory visit.  This usually takes place at the client’s home.

The majority of the time this is a successful meeting and a starting date is agreed.  We develop the support plan further and put all the paper work in place.

The support is then closely monitored by our Care Manager and management team. This includes communication and visits from our compliance team to ensure that everyone is happy.  At the agreed time a second support assistant is introduced to cover the period when the main support assistant takes their week’s holiday.

All our team directly employed by Home Care Preferred

A consistent service for our clients is vital and this is helped by us directly employing all our team. This means that all support assistants are employees of Home Care Preferred. In addition we have an experienced management team who take responsibility for the support assistants supervision and management. In addition there is on-going training for our support assistants.

Our method of operating means you never have to worry about such things as national insurance, travel, tax, expenses or annual leave.  We look after this within our inclusive monthly fee.

In a nutshell live in care is for anyone who wants to remain as independent as their situation allows them to but who is unable to stay alone by themselves.
We have many years experience and we like to use our knowledge to provide realistic solutions for our clients.

For the person who is considering being admitted to a care home

For the person who is considering being admitted to a care home

In most situations we can avoid people admitted to a care home and can demonstrate support packages that are more suitable and beneficial.  Trying live-in support at your own home is far less of an upheaval than going into a care home and often less expensive.

For the person being discharged from Hospital

The urgent need for support is often put upon families when hospital discharge is reliant on having the appropriate level of care and support in place.

We can assist in most scenarios. We work with the discharge team and other professionals involved to assist with a safe and timely return home. We help to ensure that the proper support and where necessary equipment is in place.

A live in support assistant can help with convalescence, recuperation and rehabilitation. On occasions we work alongside Community Nurses and we are there when health can be at its lowest. Once home we usually see clients building their confidence and strength, on a daily basis.

Often our support assistants can give assistance with, convene, PEG, suppositories and tracheotomy care.

For the person that has been in a care home and wants to return home

Some people have a trial period in a residential care home but have found they just cannot settle and want to return home.

Providing this is the right decision for the person we will visit the care home and work with everyone to make sure a smooth transition back home can be made. We find even complex care needs can usually be managed at the person’s home.

When hourly support is no longer sufficient

When hourly support is no longer sufficient

Quite often clients will start hourly services with Home Care Preferred or another care agency but in time find that this service no longer fills their needs.  This can be because of deterioration in health or a change in personal circumstances. At the point of receiving numerous calls per day as well as having night care the costs can become significant and prohibitive.

A more cost effective solution is to have a dedicated support assistant. This offers continuity that a team of carers cannot always provide when there are several calls a day and night visits too. Having just one live in support assistant will mean that the client will benefit from continuity and of course peace of mind for families. There is real comfort knowing that a trusted person is on hand, no matter what the time of day.

When a person is not happy with their current care agency

When a person is not happy with their current care agency

Sadly we hear from a lot of families who are not happy with their current care providers and they want to make a change.

In these circumstances we work towards a professional handover from the existing agency. We also seek to find where the agency was failing to ensure that your expectations are met. We are confident that you will not want to change providers once you use Home Care Preferred.

Live-in Care for Couples

Live-in Care for Couples

We see so many people who have lived an incredible number of years together and the prospect of one of the partners being admitted to a care home whilst the other stays at home is a daunting one.  This can have a devastating effect on both partners and the wider family.

Live in care for couples removes the need for people to be separated, enabling them to remain together in their home and to continue to enjoy their daily lives whilst receiving the level of support they need.

Our live in support assistants are discreet and unobtrusive, however they are on hand when needed whether to provide care support or all the duties associated with running a home and of course companionship.  This provides peace of mind both for the couple and their family.

We hear time and time again from families the sense of relief knowing that loved ones are in the safe hands of a responsible and kind person. Live in care for couples enables a good level of independence, choice and the ability to continue sharing a quality life together.

One of the greatest concerns we here from prospective clients and their families relates to the potential number of people that will be supporting them.

Live in care provide true continuity with one key support assistant and a second person to assist during breaks.

In our experience continuity of care helps build excellent relationships, comfortable routines and friendship.

The main support assistant will typically work several weeks at a time and then take approximately a 1 week break. During the break  a regular second person will provide cover.

Our simple guarantee is that our clients will never be left without support.  Each client and their families have access to a 24 hour on call service which is manned by our management team.