Useful Advice

Useful advice for overseas support assistants coming to work in the UK

Home Care Preferred employs many people from overseas and we always do our utmost to assist our team members to have a smooth move into the country. Our experience means we can advise our new team members on the issues they need to be aware of and we like all our team to feel welcomed and supported. There are a number of practical matters that need to be taken care of and these will help you settle better into your work and life in England. Some of the initial matters to take care of are:

Important documents

Remember to bring your passport and any relevant ID you will need to enter the UK and include any documents that signify your right to work. You will also be advised of documents needed for us to obtain your DBS.  If you are a driver also bring your driving licence. You will need the use of a mobile phone when you are in the UK so look at the best options available.

Investigate the local area where you will be living

Once we have given you a location of where you will be living it is a good idea to carry out some research into the area.  We would suggest you use the internet to find out more about the location. You could look at transport links, locations of libraries, banks, restaurants and cafes, shopping areas and places of interest. If you like to participate in sport have a look at local facilities including sports clubs and swimming pools.  You will probably be supporting your client to go out in the local area so it is good to have some ideas of what is available in the neighbourhood that may be suitable for them too.

If you have the opportunity before you start work it would be really beneficial to visit the neighbourhood to familiarise yourself first hand.

Set up a UK bank account

You will need a UK bank account so that we can pay your salary. If, when you first visit, you do not have a UK bank account we will issue you with a letter that uses our address so you can set up an account with one of the local banks. Your salary has to be paid into a UK bank account so it is important this account is open before your first payment.  Our finance team will assist with any queries.

Obtain a UK National Insurance number

You must have a UK national insurance number to work in the UK. We can put you on a temporary number whilst you are applying, however it is important that you apply for a permanent number as quickly as possible.

We will need the permanent number no later than 6 weeks after employment commences. To make an application you will need to contact the local jobs centre or benefits agency.  Full information can be found on the internet. The local government agency typically arranges a short interview once the forms are completed and then a card is issued. Our HR department can signpost you in the right direction if you experience any problems.