Life in the UK

Our experience is that the vast majority of our overseas live-in support assistants really enjoy their time with Home Care Preferred St. Albans. Some stay for between one and two years and others are more interested in the job as a long term career.

We see time and time again our support assistants building up very strong relationships with clients, becoming a real companion as well as someone who helps to support and encourage a dignified life.

Our clients typically live in good quality accommodation in pleasant locations.  We see families and friends become very fond of our support assistants. There are great opportunities to share life experiences and our team often remark how privileged they feel to be part of their clients lives.

All our live-in support assistants are entitled to daily breaks and this is arranged with the client to ensure they are safe during this time. In addition there are holiday breaks which are by arrangement with the client and the care coordinator.  These usually take place after 6 weeks of work.

Our overseas team members usually find the people in the UK to be welcoming and interested in their culture.  Many of our clients live in London which is an interesting place for overseas team members to live. Transport services in the UK mean most parts of the country can be reached by train or coach.

We see our live-in support assistants make friends and becoming part of the local community where they live. They often form friendships with colleagues from Home Care Preferred St. Albans. We welcome visits from our care team in our office and we hold social events on a regular basis.