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Support for Older People at Home

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Helping you live a happy life in your own home

Often as people grow older they may reach a point at which they, or their loved ones, can no longer live a normal life without additional help. This often means difficult decisions have to be made regarding the best and most appropriate way to obtain the care needed in order to maintain the desired quality of life.

Until recently people typically thought that a residential care home was the only option available even if this idea filled the older person with dread.

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Alternatives to a Care Home

There are now more choices than ever for people who want to remain in their own home. It is our aim to make staying at home as easy as possible, to give our clients the level of independence they desire whilst giving loved ones peace of mind.

In our experience support at home for older people is entirely possible even for those with specialist care requirements, with costs typically comparable to those associated with residential care. Fully tailored to the needs of the individual, our support offers significant benefits over residential care, allowing you or your loved one to continue to live independently in the comfort and security of your own home, enjoy your favourite activities and remain part of your local community.

Support for older people in their own home is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to being admitted to a care home. It avoids the trauma of potential separation from a loved one or giving up a treasured pet and the potential loss of freedom and independence.

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Benefits of Support in your own home

In addition, living in your own home gives greater flexibility. In some locations Home Care Preferred can provide just a few hours care per week which can be increased as needs change.  Live-in Support is the ultimate level of support and has the benefit of true continuity. We can provide Live-in Support throughout the South-east.

From companionship through to personal care and to higher level care needs, our Support Assistants can help anyone to stay at home. We understand the importance of promoting and maintaining independence, helping maintain regular routines and preferences where appropriate and of course facilitating appointments, trips out and having as normal life as possible.

Everyone of our clients has different needs and our flexible service and talented team members mean that we can tailor support to your requirements.

Live in care for the elderly

Have an Informal Conversation with us to Discuss Possible Options

If you are considering support for you or a loved one please phone for an informal conversation with one of our friendly team. This will helps us to better understand your needs and assist us with providing possible support options.