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End of Life Care at Home

The founder of Home Care Preferred, Ken Waterhouse, set up the company as a result of personal experience helping to support a terminally ill relative at home.

We therefore know firsthand that many individuals would prefer to die at home. However, quite often for both them and their families the fear, emotional hurdles and practicalities of caring for someone at this stage of life can be very challenging.

The team at Home Care Preferred recognises that medical advancement in recent years means that people with serious illnesses are often living with a terminal illness for longer. Our palliative care team ensure dignity, compassion and respect in these circumstances is the basis of the support we provide.

We always provide the highest quality care and support possible often in conjunction with a local hospice with whom we build excellent relationships. This service has been designed to complement other palliative care teams and hospices often involved in the person’s end-of-life care.

We typically work with a wider team including palliative care nurses to ensure that our holistic service is tailored to support any complex medical procedures which may arise. Our extensive support planning process is designed to promote comfort and dignity, attending to our client’s every need and wishes.

Being there for family and friends

Supporting the client’s family and friends is something that our Support Assistants are experienced with. They are sensitive when our client wants time alone with loved ones, at the same time they are on hand whenever needed. We know this is an emotive time and our experience helps our team provide support in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Flexible and versatile support

Our palliative care service can be provided as 24-hour live-in care, day care or a short-term respite service – our service is flexible and includes:

  • Dedicated care team led by our Care Manager
  • Full assessment before care commences and the Home Care Preferred team work in partnership with community palliative care teams, other specialists from the multidisciplinary team as well as family and friends
  • Bespoke and flexible support plan
  • Specialist support and expertise – 24 hours a day
  • Support with meals, drinks, personal care
  • Social support and life comforting enhancement
  • As part of the training our team members learn differing cultural needs of clients and practice at end of life

Home Care Preferred offers the care and support needed to allow people to live fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings.

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Whether it is for you or a loved one, Home Care Preferred provides a comforting live-In support service. From a few weeks to permanent support this is a real alternative to life in a residential care home.

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