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Care and Support Service Price List

Live Out Hourly Support

Mon to Sun

£24.00 per hour

Support Packages

24-hour support package with sleep-in

Includes 10 hours full support during the day and sleep-in service at night

Mon to Sun
£420 per 24 hours


24-hour support package with awake night

Includes 10 hours full support during the day and an awake night service

Mon to Sun

£519 per 24 hours


Sleeping Night (10 Hours)

Sleep in service to provide support if required. If more than 4 hours continuous sleep is not achieved then the hourly support charge is applied for the entire shift.

Mon to Sun


Holiday Escort

Please call for further information

Handyman Service

£40.00 per hour

Electronic access to records (optional service)

£10 per month

Live-In Support

Live-in support for 1 person

From £1100.00 per week for 2 month’s consecutive support or more
From £1392.00 per week for less than 2 consecutive months’ support

Live-in support for 2 people

From £1300.00 per week for 2 month’s consecutive support or more
From £1591.00 per week for less than 2 consecutive months’ support

Assessment Fees for Hourly & Care Package Clients

Assessments taking place Mon-Fri (9am to 5pm)

Assessments within 10 miles of office

Assessments over 10 miles from office
£150.00 plus travel

Assessments taking place, evenings, weekends and bank holidays

Assessments within 10 miles of office

Assessments over 10 miles from office
£200.00 plus travel

Initial Introduction to Live-in Support Assistants

The assessment charge includes the introduction of up to two Support Assistants

Additional introductions are charged at £50 per introduction

Other Charges

Expenses: Charges for meals & entertainment to be agreed when the Support Plan is formulated. All details will be recorded in the plan. this applies to Live-in support and long shifts.

Travel costs: Parking costs to be charged to the client. Where client lives more than 10 miles from the Home Care Preferred office, travel costs may be charged to & from the support assistants home. This will be advised at the assessment and recorded in the Support Plan. On Christmas Day, taxi fares may be charged for team members who do not have their own transport.

Introductory meeting

This first meeting with Home Care Preferred is with a member of our management team or a team leader. This can take place either at our office or at your home or in hospital. This meeting is an opportunity for Home Care Preferred to provide more information about our services, answer any questions you may have and find out more about the support you require. The meeting duration is typically 30 minutes- 1 hour.

This meeting is free of charge.

Assessment meeting

This meeting takes place when the client wishes to start services with Home Care Preferred.

The assessment ideally takes place at the client’s home. At this meeting we collate information that forms the client’s support plan. It is often helpful for the client to have a family member or friend present at the meeting as an advocate. Once all the documentation has been completed this is signed by Home Care Preferred and the client or the advocate. A copy of all documentation is kept in the client’s home in a folder provided by Home Care Preferred.

The assessment lasts approximately 90 minutes and will need to include a risk assessment at the client’s home. If a client is returning from hospital, with support starting immediately on their return, then part of the assessment will usually have to be completed at the hospital.

Some of the assessment can be completed over the phone if suitable.

Terms & conditions


The assessment fee is chargeable whether or not the client decides to use the services of Home Care Preferred

Assessment fees can be paid by cheque, credit card or bank transfer

Payment is before or on the day of the assessment, the assessment charge will be refunded if the assessment is cancelled.

Support Fees

Support fees must be paid by Direct Debit. A Direct Debit Mandate needs to be set up in advance of services commencing.

Invoices are issued approximately on the 4th of each month for the previous month’s service. Direct Debits are taken on 6th of each month

Bank Holidays are charged at time and half

Where clients are transported in team members’ cars this is charged at £2.50 per mile with a minimum charge of £5.00

Where a taxi service is provided this is charged to the client

Administration services are charged for: Liaising with health care professionals; Arranging services with external services; Discharge planning from hospitals. The charge is £20.00 per hour

Notice period to change or cancel services to avoid full charge

Hourly Support:                                48 hours’ notice

Support packages                              72 hours notice

Live-in support                                   7 days notice

Where notice is not given within the stated period above, the client will then be charged at the full rate.


There is no VAT on home care fees

Our minimum visit time is 1 hour except hospital visits which are 2 hours

Minimum visit times may vary depending on the location of the client’s home. Please speak to your local office for more details

Service cannot commence until a signed care plan, direct debit and contract are in place.

Home Care Preferred offers the care and support needed to allow people to live fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own familiar surroundings.

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Whether it is for you or a loved one, Home Care Preferred provides a comforting live-In support service. From a few weeks to permanent support this is a real alternative to life in a residential care home.

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