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Live-In Care Barnet

Live in care is a true alternative to care or nursing homes. It also offers an array of advantages over traditional residential care. Support assistants stay with you in your home, giving support around the clock and even more flexibility.

Benefits of Live-In Care

Keep your own, house, garden pets and schedule, you can live with your partner without having to depend completely on them for your care and wellbeing, receive visitors whenever suits you (not just at the assigned visiting hours). Keep in control of your own care and support and be independent in the decisions you make. We understand that live in care should be affordable and we strive to make it more accessible for more people throughout the United Kingdom.

Live-in Support is more affordable than a quality care home – weekly costs in care homes often exceed £1,000. The cost reduction is even greater if you a couple that is looking for support in your own home. One support assistant can be shared rather than paying for double the home care fees.

Support in your own home means one to one support. You have a fully bespoke service from someone that you have specially selected to meet the needs that you have, and most importantly, someone who gets along with you. Care in this way means that you are less likely to fall, fracture your hip and more likely to continue to enjoy the little things like home-cooked meals and your own routines and surroundings.

Arranging Your Care

Live in care puts you in control of arranging your care. Support can be provided either on a permanent or temporary respite basis. As with all our services, we take the time to carefully match you to your own Support Assistant, who you will have the opportunity to meet before they are assigned to look after you. This conscientious approach leaves 97% of our clients happy with the live in services they receive.

It isn’t always practical for everyone to receive live in support. We understand this and offer to meet you and arrange another solution that provides you the round-the-clock support you need.

A true alternative to living in a care home

Over and over again, Home Care Preferred Barnet sees the improvements individuals make as result of the live in care that we provide. An improvement not only for clients but also their families. Our model is award wining and one that is tried and tested, it allows you or your loved one to stay at home in familiar and relaxed surrounds with unparalleled levels of one to one support.

The support assistants that we employ are special individuals that embrace personal care, housekeeping and most importantly companionship. Live in care is the alternative a to a care home that keeps you in control of your life and stay as independent as you deserve.

A service that does exactly what it says

One of our highly trained support assistants will live with the person that needs them and go as far as they reasonably can to help the maintain the lifestyle that their client wants.

The benefits of Live-in care are wide ranging, here are just a few:

  • Stay in your own home safely
  • Your family and loved ones have complete peace of mind
  • Couples can stay together
  • Your pet that means so much to you can remain a part of the family
  • Live your life the way that you want to
  • Keep your friendships and local community ties
  • Hold on to your treasured possessions
  • Family and friends can pop round and visits just like usual
  • Support assistants can help you with chores around the house that you struggle with but you are in control of just how much they do
  • Receive personal care in the comfort of your own home
  • Individuals with neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia often fare better in familiar surroundings.

Some one is always there for you

The Process

We do our best to make sure that having support at home is as stress free as it possibly can be. We know that having someone new in your house is a valid source of apprehension, but rest assured, we go to great lengths to make sure you feel comfortable and well informed throughout the journey.

Firstly, and most importantly we meet you. During this meeting we explain the services and answer the many questions that you will have. We can be absolutely felexible about who we meet and when. Some families prefer to speak to us before introducing us to their loved one that requires care.

When you decide to go ahead with the services then we arrange what we call an assessment. It is not as daunting as it sounds! It is just an opportunity for us go really understand the care and support that you need and also to develop a document that is known as a support plan.

Typically all prospective clients pass from this stage to becoming clients because it helps them understand just how caring and focused on the individual our processes are.

Once in place the care you are receiving is closely monitored by our Care Manager and the Management Team. Communications and further visits are carried out by our compliance team in order to make sure that the support you are receiving is the very best and most importantly that you are happy with the support you are receiving.

When the time is right, a second support assistant will be introduced so as to cover the time when your main support assistant takes their holiday/break.

We employ all of our team members

At Home Care Preferred Barnet, it is important to us that we employ each and every one of our team members.

All team members receive on going training and support to ensure that you are receiving the very best care and support.

The way that we operate means that you don’t have to worry about national insurance, tax, expenses or annual leave. We look after all of these things with the fee that you pay for the support that you are receiving!

Who is Live-in Care For

It can be for anyone that wishes to remain at home as independently as their situation will allow but who is unable to be alone.

Our experience is extensive and like to use our expertise to provide realistic solutions of each of our clients.

If you are considering being admitted to a care home

Mostly we can avoid people being admitted to care homes and we are able to give examples of support packages that might be more beneficial to an individual. Receiving live in support in your own home is much less disruption to your life than going into a care home and often considerably less expensive.

Being discharged from Hospital?

Families often put urgent support in place when a family member is being discharged from hospital. It is important that at this stage the right level of support is put inplace to avoid the person being readmitted.

We can help in a multitude of cases. We are experienced in, and work closely with, discharge teams and other healthcare professionals that are involved in the discharge of our clients. We work I a way that helps to ensure a safe and timely return home and one that encourages that recovery of the individual as far as possible.

In times of convalescence, a live in support assistant can help ensure that recuperation and rehabilitation is occurring under optimal conditions. We have worked along side community nurses and have been there when health of service users has been at its lowest. Once at home we often see our clients making the biggest steps towards recovering their confidence and health.

For the person that wants to return home from a care home

We have met individuals that have had a trial period in a care home but have found the environment not quite right for them and have wanted to return home.

If this is the right decision for the person, we can make sure that the transition back to their own home is one that is smooth and occurs without fault. We welcome you back to your own house and to an environment that you are familiar with and can continue where you left off.

We have found that even individuals that have more complex care needs can be looked after in their own homes.

Support on an hour by hour basis is no longer sufficient

Many of our clients join us requiring support on an hour by hour basis. Over time this service may not fulfil their care needs. This can happen because of general deterioration of their health or a change in their personal life (loosing the support of a loved one). In order to reduce costs for the person receiving the support a live-in package could prove more cost effective.

Having a dedicated support assistant opens the door to a multitude of opportunities. Continuity in the support that you are receiving, peace of mind that someone is present with you at all hours of the day and night, forming a true bond with the person that is looking after you. Your trusted person will be on hand no matter what time of day or night it is.

No longer happy with your current care agency

We often have individuals come to us who are not happy with the level of support being provided by their current care providers. Sadly, this is something that is common but something that Home Care Preferred Barnet rectifies.

No matter what agency you are coming to us from we make sure that a handover takes place from the agency providing you care. We also take the time to find out from you where your previous provider was failing so that we can make sure that your expectations are met. Once you join Home Care Preferred Barnet, we are sure that you will not want to change providers ever again!

Support for Couples

Some of our clients have lived together for an astounding amount of time and we have also witnessed that sadness that comes with the prospect of one of the couples being admitted to a care home whilst the other remains at home. A situation like this can have a terrible impact on a family.

Live in care for couples means that individuals no longer need to be split apart. You can remain at home with your loved on and continue your daily life whilst your partner receives the level of support that they need.

One of our live-in support assistants will be able to support two people in many cases and are discreet in the care that they provide, whilst remaining on hand when required. Your live-in care giver can help you with the running of the home whilst also providing companionship and care for you both. This service gives piece of mind for the family as a whole.

Time and time again we hear from our clients the sense of relief that they feel knowing that they are in the safe hands of a kind, conscientious and responsible person. They feel empowered to know that they are able to continue to make choices and be supported in those choices by the person that is looking after them and with their lifelong partner at their side.

Care Continuity

When we speak to families and our clients the thing that we hear from them the most is that they are considered about the number of people that will be looking after them. This is a problem that live in support completely solves.

There is no greater continuity in care than what is experienced through live in support. One key support assistant is responsible for the care provided and their breaks and holidays are covered by one cover care giver.

This type of an arrangement allows clients and their families to build trusting relationships and productive routines, as well as friendships down the line.

Typically, a main support assistant will work several weeks before taking time off. The time off that is taken is agreed with the office team and communicated to the client. A regular cover care giver will then take over to provide the support.

We guarantee that our clients will never be left without someone to look after them. Each and every client (and their families) have access to a 24 hour on call service which is overseen by our management team.

Our professional carers cover areas such as:

Chipping Barnet Friern Barnet Barnet
Potters Bar Finchley North Finchley
East Finchley Totteridge Oakleigh Park
Brunswick Park Church End New Southgate
Muswell Hill Hadley Arkley
South Mimms Fortis Green Dancers Hill
Kitt’s End East Barnet Village