The Team At Head Office

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Carole Stanley, Community Relations Manager

Carole spent many years in the corporate world specialising in the IT sector. After a family loss she revaluated her career and decided she would like to pursue a job within the healthcare sector.

Carole started working as a Support Assistant and found great satisfaction from the positive difference she made to her client’s lives.

After two years of being a Support Assistant, Carole joined Home Care Preferred in August 2018 as Community Relations Manager.  Her own personal experience coupled with empathy, the ability to listen to people’s needs and a common-sense approach are qualities that are perfect for this role.

In her personal life, Carole loves spending time with her family, is a football fan and is a long term Arsenal supporter.

Figen Karadogan, Head of Care

Having worked in hotels in the UK and Japan for several years Figen trained as a chef which she then did for 4 years prior to turning to the care industry.

Figen joined Home Care Preferred in 2014 as a Care Assistant, in 2015 she took the role of team leader and in 2016 she became Head of Care. It was clear from when she joined the company that she was a natural to care and has made significant progress in a short space of time.

Figen believes in, and fully supports, the values of HCP.

Outside of work, Figen enjoys travelling, swimming and is an amateur astronomer – There is another skywalker!

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Gina Waterhouse, Finance and Administration

Gina joined Home Care Preferred in May 2013 after a long career at the Lloyds Banking Group in London. Gina is highly skilled in IT and all aspects of administration and plays an important role within the company.

When not working, Gina enjoys flower arranging, listening to music and spending time with her family and friends.  A frequently asked question is whether Ken and Gina are related and the answer is “not as far as we are aware”.

Hajnalka Nandori, Finance and Administration

After studying finance and business at university Hajni decided in 2014 that she wanted to give something back to the community. Her mother has been a nurse for over 30 years and Hajni witnessed her enthusiasm and felt that the care industry was the sector for her. Hajni joined Home Care Preferred as a carer and became a Senior Carer.

She has now rejoined us, putting to good use both her previous experience and qualifications in finance as well as her expertise in caring, as our finance administrator.

Outside work, Hajni enjoys running, travelling (especially back to Hungary) and learning about new cultures.

executive team Hajnalka Nandori

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Ken Waterhouse, Founder & Managing Director

Ken started his career in the care profession in 1987 when he established his first Residential Care Home for older people.  During his career he has operated award winning care organisations, always providing the highest standard of service.

In addition to extensive senior management experience Ken has also carried out “hands-on” care work.

Recruiting people that share his passion for the sector, and building strong and motivated teams has resulted in the delivery of first-rate care.

When a close family member became terminally ill, Ken for the first time experienced care at home from a client’s perspective. It made him truly appreciate how important staying at home really is to people.

Experiencing the stress and emotions families and loved ones encounter when caring for someone he decided to establish a service that make staying at home a reality.  Home Care Preferred was founded and as they say “the rest is history”

Ken lives in London and outside of his professional life enjoys time with his family and friends, loves music, film, food and a weekly game of squash.


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Monica Murphy, Recruitment and HR executive

Monica has several years’ experience as an HR generalist combined with In House and Agency recruitment.  Following a short career break to care for a family member, Monica joined HCP as a Support Assistant.  It wasn’t long before her HR and recruitment experience were discovered and she found herself back in the office environment recruiting for Home Care Preferred.  Outside of work, Monica enjoys spending time with family and friends, going for long walks (especially in the Lake District), swimming and loves to get lost in a good book.

Navaniita Dhar, Franchising Manager

Navaniita started her career in the healthcare sector on a part-time basis as a care support worker whilst studying at University in Dorset. Soon after working in a residential care setting she knew that she wanted to remain in the care profession and commenced with professional qualifications.

Her career progressed rapidly and she was soon in senior roles and subsequently offered a position managing a residential care home. She took a home that was in a crisis situation from a poor grade to a good grade within one month.

In addition to delivering a high level of client care in residential care settings Nav also has experience of providing services to clients in their own homes.

Navaniita joined Home Care Preferred in 2012 as a care manager and in 2016 became the companies first Franchise Manager. In this key role Navaniita is responsible for awarding franchises to suitable people in key locations.  In addition she will mentor franchise owners ensuring they develop their branch in line with the values of Home Care Preferred.

In her personal life Nav has worked as a relief worker and a news reporter during the Tsunami crisis and helps with relief work. She enjoys reading, film, Latino & Indian classical dance, politics and current affairs, languages, socialising with friends and family and visits to a wide variety of restaurants.

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Solly Gul, Retail & Products Manager

Solly joined Home Care Preferred after caring for a family member.  Solly has worked in many sectors and has a multitude of skills and interests. His passion is now firmly in care and assisting with the long term successful growth of Home Care Preferred.

In addition to providing advice on equipment he also provides information on a range of other services including: Accessible Transport; Signposting; Adaptations.

During his free time Solly likes to spend time with his wife and two children and has a passion for music, cooking and supporting Arsenal football team.