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What People Are Saying About Us

We appreciate the apprehension people experience as they arrange support for their loved ones.  We therefore do our best to make the whole process easier for our clients and their families.

We are available to learn of your individual circumstances, to provide advice and support that is tailored to a solution that will be right for our client and give peace of mind to family and friends.

We are proud of the service that we provide and we get great pleasure seeing the positive difference our support makes in our clients lives.  In a recent survey 97% of our clients stated they were very happy with our service and would recommend us to other people.

We have received hundreds of complimentary letters, emails and cards and here follows a small selection.



“Christiane has been marvellous throughout, not only supporting me but making sure that Steve is being well cared for in hospital. I would have been lost without her and will go on needing her for as far ahead as I can see”

JH, March 2016


“My brother and I would like to thank everyone at Home Care Preferred for making it possible for our mother to be comfortable and remain living in her own home during the last 2 years of her life”

S.Palmer, Jan 2016



“First of all I would like to say how happy we are with the quality of care that Dad is receiving from Home Care Preferred carers. In particular Philomena, Veronica and Elizabeth are really first class and extremely professional in every way and also very caring.”

M. Rapson, Jan 2016



“Ken your team have helped us to be able to keep mum in her own home for as long as we have and for her to have lead as normal life as possible so again thank you and wish you further success in your business”

Michael Webber, October 2015



“Let me take this opportunity then to thank you all for helping us look after my Mum in her own home and for the way in which you seem to be able to maintain a high professional standard in what is a difficult and demanding business”

Robin Skinner  September 2015



“May I take this opportunity to extend my mothers and our thanks to you, my mother’s carers and all the support staff at HCP for the excellent service she has received  over the last several months”

Steve Biollo, September 2015



“We will definitely keep in touch and thank you once again for everything you and the company did for Mum and Dad over the last years”

Sandra Jeffries, August 2015



“Thank you very much for your kind email and for being able to allocate Marilyn to sit with Mum.   It was lovely to meet with some of your colleagues/team on Tuesday when I popped into the office to put in a request for cover on the Sunday afternoon slot.  I received a warm welcome and a helpful chat”

Suzanne Farr, July 2015



“Mum was much, much better during the day yesterday  – we appreciate Roselyn’s good work”

Ian Chapman May 2015



“All staff who has worked with my brother have been great. They interact well with him and have been patient with him.

I would say that Jane and her fellow sisters who have worked with my brother in the past have been amazing. Jane especially does not stop interacting/talking with him from the start to the end of her shift. This is great to see and hear.

I have worked with a few agencies and you have been the most favourable one! I have no complaints with both the staff and care workers. It has been a pleasure to work with you all. It’s nice to work with an agency without having to call or email complaints to head office every week”

MP, April 2015



“Janet has done an excellent job in supporting Margaret. There has been a marked improvement in her mental & physical health; noticed not only by her family, but also by her GP & District Nurse. Her improved diet is reflected in the improvement of her cholesterol test, & skin condition & mental health. Janet responds to Margaret’s needs by taking her out almost daily. They have a very good relationship & Margaret trusts her totally. She values Janet & knows how lucky she is to have a live-in carer. Margaret is the best she has been since her stroke 4 years ago, & at 91 has an improved quality of life”

R Gurton April 2015



“Lastly, Michael and I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to Monica and Julie for all their help and kindness in dealing with Mum and the Paramedics yesterday. Mum and I have spent the day at home, and she has been eating and drinking as usual, there have been no side-effects.   With very many thanks”

Anne Spenwyn , April 2015


“My mother’s support continues to be excellent”

Ian Phillips, April 2015


“Just wanted to say how impressed we were with the care provided by Christiane.   She was professional, caring and clearly ‘went the extra mile’ for my mother. Thank you for providing such an excellent carer”

Susan Jardill, February 2015


“I was very pleased with the service provided by Home Care preferred. Solly knew what product to recommend and I did not feel pressured to purchase a more advanced product that I did not need. Solly is professional and delivers products in the expected timescale. A very enjoyable experience using Home Care preferred and would highly recommend using this service”

Natalie Justin, February 2015



“Thank you for all your help over the past months. Mum did enjoy Alison’s company  – and I would appreciate it if you would pass on Mum’s thanks and best wishes to her”

Peter Hammond



“Many thanks for arranging such pleasant staff who were very attentive and professional. Keep up the good work, it’s nice to know that there is at least one professional company helping to improve the quality of life for the elderly”

Terry Monk  February 2015



“May I say how impressed we have been with Mother’s care, by all involved”

Marton Soley,  January 2015



“Congratulations from both of us to you and your staff on winning the Enfield Business Award. We only hear good things about Homecare Preferred”

Jeremy Jessell, Decemeber 2014



“Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. It is only due to your lovely carers that she has made it this far and I am hoping that before too long she can return to their care”

Jenny, October 2014



“Please thank Nav, Julie and Ashley for the kindness and caring for my parents with compassion”

Yolanda, July 2014



“I just want to say how well the new arrangement of a 12 hour overnight is going and how very good Aunty new carer, Yvonne, is in my opinion. She had exactly the right attitude with my Aunt, who found her charming and very helpful, and nothing was too much trouble.

“Thank you, all, for the help and support you are giving my family. It is so comforting to know that they are being well supported especially as I live away and have to rely so much on others”

Polly Lewis, June 2014

“Hi Ken, just reading the Enfield Independent on line and see you have won an award.  Well done my friend, this is a great accolade to your hard work and insight on how to improve care for people in need. Great to see hard work rewarded.  You must be so chuffed, well done”

Yvonne and all at the Ruth Winston Centre, November 2013



“The feedback I can give you is all very positive: Mum has described the carers and the other HCP personnel she has met as “delightful” and “lovely” and has been most impressed with their work, their attitude and their helpfulness. She is also appreciating seeing the carers’ ability to be flexible with the timing of their visits, something which, as you know, she particularly both needs and values.

I sense that today your staffing was particularly tight (unsurprisingly in view of it being half-term and with the storms disrupting so many things) but for your Senior Carer to come out is impressive.

Following on from Mum’s most regular and much loved LA carer was a tough act to follow, but HCP is clearly doing very well – long may it continue!”

Tim Haines, October 2013


“I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful care that you gave Ivone in her last days.  The girls were beyond reproach – just wonderful. It was a great relief to know that she was being taken care of.”

Gloria Levy, July 2013


“Earlier this year, I contacted Ken Waterhouse at Home Care Preferred looking for a carer for a couple of weeks for my father, who was bedridden and suffering from Alzheimers. The service we received from Ken, and the lady carer he provided, was exceptional in every way, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

Zsa Moncreiffe September 2012



“Naz was excellent with Mum when I met him last week and left me assured that HCP were a professional and courteous organisation”

Ian Alderson, April 2016


“I would like to say how grateful I am for Pari’s assistance over the past five months or so. I really could not have managed without her and it has been very reassuring having such efficient and reliable support. Her help made life so much easier and relieved me of many”

Flavia McCarney, August 2016



“ locally this shop has a really good reputation for having a great customer service and very helpful staff. We always recommend you to people”

Patricia Stone, July 2016



“Ken your recent Health Investor Awards is absolutely fabulous news for you and your team and is a real testament of the amazing work you all do! Congratulations to all of you!”

Savi Taylor, June 2016



“Hello Laura, can I say how pleased I am with all the contact I’ve had with you and your staff. Absolutely first class! Thank you so much”

Teresa Illsley, May 2016



“ You gave me great advice and recommended all the right equipment for my mobility issues, hence I have now walked here to say thank you”

Patricia Lewis, December 2016



“Dear Ken and team,  
Mum has just taken delivery of a lovely Christmas plant and would like to thank you all for the plant and also the care that she has received over the past year. As always both she and I appreciate all the care that she receives and lets hope there will be many more years to come.
Happy Christmas Everyone”
Beverley Taylor, December 2016 

“Hi Jo,

I hope you and the family are all well and looking are forward to Christmas

I received lovely feedback today from Gina North, Joyce’s daughter.  She said how much Joyce looks forward to your visits and what a great carer you are.  As you know it always makes my day to hear such comments and would like to thank you too for all you to for our clients.”

December 2016


“I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and recently consulted a team of your carers and their patient under your recommendation. You suggested to your clients relative, that they consult a nutritionist to provide targeted support in-line with her nutritional needs.

The consultation with your wonderful carers lasted one hour, we went through everything including the wat that the client is currently being fed and ways in which we can realistically add in extra nutrient-rich foods to nourish her with nutrients that she specifically needs, in line with blood test results and medications. I provided a follow-up summary report and example meal plan. It was very interesting and I have had positive feedback from both the team and the client

Best wishes,

February 2017 



“All is well thank you, largely because Christiane takes such good care of both me and the household.

I simply couldn’t imagine life without her, she is so good for my morale.”

Joan Hart, February 2017 


“To whom it may concern,

I am writing to let you know how delighted I was with the carer who came to me tonight. She was truly one of the best carers I have had. Nothing was too much trouble, she did so much for me while she was with me. Her name was Montana”

Joyce Turner, March 2017 


“I would like to say that Carly is one of the kindest and caring people I have ever met. I would like to thank her for all she does and tell her I appreciate her.”

Client, April 2017


“Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know Jill Lomas couldn’t praise us enough. She said she would certainly recommend us. She said all the staff have been really brilliant, she came n with her Brother the other day he was amazed at how lovely everyone was.

She wanted to thank everyone.

Kind regards,


Jill Lomas, April 2017 



And some nice words from our team too……..

“I have not worked for such a well organised caring company for a very long time. I was made to feel welcome and valued from day 1.  Monica and Asha were so caring and sympathetic to me following the sad loss of my dear dad in November. Working for Home Care Preferred reminds me of the first agency I worked for, I was with them over 7 years and hope that I will remain with your company until till I retire”

Sue Peck, Feb 2016



“I have truly enjoyed working for Home Care Preferred and had the privilege of meeting some most amazing clients.I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for work in care. Thank you for having me on your team and I wish the company continued success.”

Blairine Kondolo, Jan 2016



“Ken, you have a great team and I am proud to be part of that team”

Blair Kondolo  September 2015



Congratulations on all the good news. You are obviously doing lots right!

Alison Bansal, September 2015



“Hi Ken,

You so much deserve the award, not only are you the best boss but a really lovely one too so keep up the good work and we will all nominate you next year. Well done”

Joan Walker, May 2015



“Just to say a big thank you for the team and your kindness whilst working at Home Care Preferred.  I wish you and the team all the best for the future. May the company go from strength to strength”

Sue Naran, June 2015



“Thank you all  very, very much for the gorgeous flowers that you gave me. It was totally unexpected and so very kind. You really are a great bunch (pardon the pun) of people to work with.

Gina October 2014



“Thank you for being such a great Employer to work for and I will stay in touch”

Carolina Morera Parra, September 2014



“Hello Shir-li and Proud Boss,When I was with JP last night she said how nice the management staff were, and that you must be very good at selecting the right carers”

Veronica Stewart, August 2013



“Hi ken, I had the most wonderful time working for you, I will probably be back some time in future, I do appreciate what you have down for me and all your staff too. I will miss you all”

Dalila Rodrqigues, July 2013



“Hi all, Just had a lovely surprise – thank you so much for my beautiful bunch of roses, so lovely of you!! Very lucky to have such a wonderful team”
Laura Brassett, January 2017


“Dear everyone at Home Care Preferred,
I so enjoyed my 4 1/2 months with you.  Thank you so much for introducing me to such a worthwhile occupation.  I had a great time, full of new experiences.”

Sue Strong, February 2017 



“Dear team,

I want to personally thank you each one of you for making me feel so valued and welcome throughout my internship!

Thanks for all the support and guidance. I have learned so much from you and will really miss working with you. You are such a lovely team!
I wish you all the best in your future.”
Theodora Stergiou, April 2017 

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