"I first used Home Care
Preferred to escort me to
hospital appointments but
their flexible approach
means I now have help in my
own home whenever I require

Award winning care 

Our years of experience in the care profession has convinced us that people want to stay in their own homes, particularly as they get older.

Home Care Preferred offers the care and support needed to allow people to live fulfilled lives in the comfort of their own familiar surrounding.

Staying at home with treasured memories is the choice that we believe everyone should have and our aim is to make this possible.

We offer many different types of care and support for adults of all ages. This includes care services for older people and people living with dementia, and support for adults with a range of different disabilities and conditions.

At Home Care Preferred we take great pride in training our team. Our carefully selected team members are dedicated people who provide superb levels of service in a friendly but professional manner.

In addition to statutory training our caregivers receive intensive coaching in customer care and on-going training in all relevant aspects of Health & Social Care.

Our approach is flexible and our services are tailor made around clients' needs. From a few hours a day to full time live-in care, Home Care Preferred is available to provide the right solution for those we serve.

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